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Disclaimer These casual "reviews" are just our own opinions about the restaurants, bars, or other fun locations we visit during the production of "Dream States," and in no way should be mistaken for the words of an expert.  Sometimes we will both do a review, & sometimes it might just come from one of us.  Also, we really do try to keep the information as accurate as possible, so if something is misspelled or incorrect (aside, of course, from what is our own point-of-view) then we definitely want you to let us know!  All reviews are completely independent, and by this I mean that no monies or favors were received in exchange for a positive (or any) review.  We will absolutely check out a recommended bar or restaurant, if possible (according to our schedule and/or location), but will not be affected by special favors.  Of course, we will totally mention them, but if the food or service sucks, then it just does, and that will be mentioned as well.  Despite the fact that all of our reviews are unsolicited, if you like what we had to say, then perhaps you'd be kind enough to help spread the word about the movie "Dream states" -- the reason for all of this!  (The easiest way for people to find us online is to tell them to go to -- it's shorter & will still get you here!)  For those of you that we may offend, we are really sorry that not everyone can be the best, or even good!  We are going to be fair & honest in our points-of-view.  Thanks for your interest & attention to our film project!


Updated Tuesday, June 17, 2014:


November 30th,

3:30 p.m.

Review by Jennifer

Location:  Taco Sombrero -- Highway 49, Gulfport, Mississippi

Look, there is just no way to explain it.  Taco Sombrero has been around since I was very young, and it is just BETTER than any other Mexican fast food.  No, the burritos aren't more stuffed or anything like that.  The food is actually just normal, modest-sized fast food.  But, the flavor of every ingredient is just better.  The beans are noticeably different than those at other well-known and similar places.  The sour cream:  better.  The shredded cheese:  ALSO better.

Once upon a time, Taco Sombrero did try to open a second location on Pass Road.  I thought it was a great location . . . in a unique building . . . but it didn't last forever.  The one on Highway 49 is still going strong, though!  They even had the same old menu up with the same old prices, until just within the last couple of years.  In fact, this visit was the first time I had seen this brand-new menu, and the new prices were only about a quarter more in the ones I checked.  The old menu still hangs behind it, and you can see it, although the old prices have now been removed. haha

What did we have?

Jeff had two tacos and a beef burrito (no onions).  I had my all-time favorite:  two bean burritos (no sauce, no onions, add sour cream and add extra cheese).  Yummy, to me!   My little sister always prefers her bean burritos with just beans, cheese and lettuce.  Also pretty darn delicious!  I tell you, just try Taco Sombrero if you are in the area.  I'd love to hear what others familiar with the place think about it, too!  Post your thoughts on our message board!

June 30th,

5ish p.m.

Review by Jennifer

Location:  Hard Rock Cafe -- Times Square, Manhattan, New York

Hard Rock was great for us, because we really love the environment . . . the complete atmosphere of the place!  Jeff loved seeing the signed O.A.R. guitars on the wall, and even noticed one from The Fray, which he is excited to tell his friend Chad about since he's a big fan of them.  Our waitress, Nadine, was great & we enjoyed her conversations with us.

They've apparently added a pretty new section, which is not yet completely finished, so it is currently used more for private concerts, parties, etc.  It's really fascinating down there . . . under the streets of the city!

What did we have?

Jeff had the classic BLT with fries.  I had the grilled chicken BLT with fries.  Yum.  Wish I could have eaten more, but it was huge, & although it was after 5 p.m. by now, it was our FIRST meal of the day after such a busy, busy day.  Therefore, my stomach was too darn small to take in all that delicious food.  Hannah enjoyed the rest when I brought it back for her. 

May 31st,

2:30 p.m.


June 1st,


Review by Jennifer & Jeff

Location:  The Old Town Cafe -- Sevierville, Tennessee

Cynthia & Joe were highly personable, friendly and obviously very proud of their restaurant and its offerings.  As well they should be, with the demand for reservations at one of the eight tables, and a menu of ONLY dishes containing ALL fresh ingredients that changes on a daily basis.

Being completely new to the area, we were directed to this "mom & pop cafe," as described by Jim at the service station, when we had to leave Matilda for her extensive brake-work for a couple of days.  We were warmly welcomed despite not having a reservation, and were taken to a small table near the back.  Cynthia was extra-sweet & brought out three small sample cups of the soups.  YUM!!!  What GREAT marketing!  How could I NOT have a cup of the cream of mushroom soup?  It was delicious . . . thick, creamy, full of mushrooms.  The other two were chili and a hearty veggie soup . . . both also freshly made.

We could forever go on & on about Cynthia & Joe, and the happiness that flows from their relationship to the food prepared for the customers, and the welcoming, friendly manner in which they serve it to their customers.  We were treated like V.I.P.'s, and for no reason other than Cynthia just loves her Joe, his cooking, their restaurant and life together, and just overflows with the desire to share their zest for life with everyone that visits. 

We were displeased to hear from Cynthia that the town is demolishing that area to build a new PARKING GARAGE.  I believe she said they had until January of next year.  Hopefully, someone will see this is not the only solution.  That cafe has been there for over fifty years, starting as a place called "The White Kitchen," if I remember correctly. 

What did we have?

What did we NOT have?!  We were blessed to receive samples of even some of the items we did NOT order, . . . as highly-praised chef Joe said, "to see what you missed."

On our second day there, it was like a "Thanksgiving feast" day, . . . & we had originally planned to order that turkey plate, but opted for another freshly made dish of the day.  So, Joe brought out a third lunch order, of the turkey plate, for us to try.  Needless to say, it was all very good.  We never left there hungry or wishing we'd tried somewhere else!

Let's see . . . Wed., Jeff recalls he had their last piece of lasagna, and a side of creamed spinach.  I had some juicy grilled chicken and fresh steamed vegetables.  Both of us started off with a salad, as well.  Jeff remembers the house dressing being "awesome," and their homemade blue cheese was very creamy and had a nice bite to it.

Thursday, Jeff got some chili and a Reuben, and I had to go with a big bowl of cream of mushroom again.  Kind of boring, I realize, but it was too delicious to pass up, and this was our last chance at a real meal again, for two days in a row, before getting back on the road with a repaired Matilda.  On this second day there, it was like a "Thanksgiving feast" day, . . . & we had originally planned to order that turkey plate, but opted for another freshly made dish of the day.  So, Joe brought out a third lunch order, of the turkey plate, for us to try.  Needless to say, it was all very good.  We never left there hungry or wishing we'd tried somewhere else!

May 13th,

Battleground Road

Time:  9:00 p.m.

Review by Jennifer

Location:  A Dough Re Mi -- Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

WOW!  Surprisingly extensive menu . . . 1st visit ever to this local eatery.  Much roomier than expected, as well!  Very friendly staff . . . our waitress was "Ambre," according to the ticket, and she really paid attention to our needs!  She was on it!  Thanks, Ambre!  I seriously still owe you a shot!  Plenty of room, pretty great place to see a band.  Sound could have been clearer.  Food really kicked ass!

What did we have?

I had the gyros platter -- TOO damn good!
Jeff had the Damn Yankees pizza (small = BIG at A Dough Re Mi!), with bacon instead of pepperoni.  Half of both dishes went home with us for Sunday's lunch!



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