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Click the photos for a larger view . . . they are posted in the order taken, to the best of our knowledge:

November 5th - Jeff Partin and Vincent Tremblay, after the shoot at China Beach

China Beach in California (San Francisco) - November 5th, 6:03 p.m.

November 6th - Jeff Partin

November 6th - heading from San Francisco to Los Angeles

pretty trees along the way -- San Fran. to L.A. - Nov. 6th

Ok, these cows have a funny story! Look for it in the November posts of "our thoughts" soon! (taken 11-6-06)

still heading to Los Angeles on 11-6-06

These trees are in abundance in this area! They should line driveways everywhere -- gorgeous!

November 6th - Jeff says these are bee boxes, which I have never seen before . . .

Nov 6th - prison in Northern Cali. -- Have some razor wire, will ya?!

Not so pleasant for anyone inside!

11-7-07 7:28 p.m. -- MGM Building in California

Your typical picture of Hollywood, as seen in many movies . . . (taken November 8th, 2:07 p.m.)

Jennifer "near" the Hollywood sign -- so, it turns out that the sign is actually MUCH smaller than one would think, as portrayed on television & film

View of the Hollywood sign with Jeff, from Mulholland Drive on 11-08-06

Jennifer and that itty-bitty sign again! 11-08-06 3:39 p.m.

Jeff Partin holds onto Hollywood with a firm grip

Jeff almost lost his grip on Hollywood!

L.A. - November 8th, 2006

Fullerton, CA - November 8th, 2006 6 p.m.

Disney fireworks, as seen from our campsite - Nov. 10th at 9:32 p.m.

Tiffany Keith at Beard Papa's in Hollywood -- HOLY COW, EVERYONE MUST TRY THOSE CREAM PUFFS!

Tiffany and Jeff outside of Beard Papa's - Hollywood, CA - November 11th, 2006

View of L.A. from Runyon Canyon - November 12th, 2006 around noon

a view of the Runyon Canyon off-leash dog hike

November 12th - hike day in Runyon Canyon, about noon thirty

Jeff's hair getting a bit over-zealous at Runyon Canyon

THIS, my friends, is the Jimi Hendrix estate as of 11-12-06 (as seen from the Runyon Canyon easy hiking trail)

some folks resting during the off-leash dog hike

another view of part of the Runyon Canyon hiking trails

A better view of the sign . . . from Runyon Canyon - November 12th around noon thirty

A balloon at the San Diego Wildlife Park -- anyone know what it is for?

a rare glimpse of me driving - November 14th

Welcome to Arizona! November 14th evening

Jeff and Beast - espresso time at Ginger's place in Arizona, along the Colorado River - November 15th

Jeff, Beast and Ginger - Parker Dam, Colorado River - Arizona - Nov. 15th

Hangin' with our interviewee, Ginger Hart, on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ - November 15th around 3:30

Learning about Lake Havasu - Ginger and Jeff - November 15, 2006

Jeff with Ginger at Parker Dam on Lake Havasu - November 15, 2006

Jennifer and Beast on Route 66 - November 16th, 2006

Jennifer and Beast, apparently in trouble ... where's the color? haha

Cruising I-40 in Arizona. November 16th around 4 p.m.

More great scenery from Arizona. 11-16-06

11-16-06 around 5 p.m.

11-16-06 Arizona

Jennifer and Beast on Route 66 in Arizona

How did they dig a tunnel that long without anyone noticing?

Nov. 16th - Route 66

Welcome to New Mexico. 11-16-06

Route 66 - Arizona

There's something a few people may want!

K. Brown during his Texas interview for "Dream States" - November 19th

a sweet mug shot for Kory Brown

Kory Brown, ever the shy cast member! 11-19-06



Jeff and Raven with Beast on the Colorado River,
enjoying some good conversation and espresso - November 15th, 2006





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